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I got tired of waiting for it to happen. So I decided to start Making it Happen in Chicago!
— Michael Issac, Founder of MiHICHi

Michael Issac is…MAKiNG iT HAPPEN iN CHiCAGO is the first one hour comedy special for Chicago native and award-winning comedian Michael Issac!

Using an autobiographical style with a high energy delivery, Michael discusses topics from why he decided to stay in Chicago instead of leaving for LA or New York to learning his alphabet in Spanish in Chicago Public Schools. He also talks about how sensitive we have become as a society and how growing up on the South Side has prepared him for his travels all over the country.

Michael Issac is a regular headliner at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago and has been seen on Windy City After Dark, Chicago’s One Night Stand-Up, Chicago Fire, and Empire.

Michael is also one half of ISSAC & EVANS; the first all black stand-up comedy duo. The other half, Calvin Evans will be opening up the show.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this historic LIVE filming.